10 Reasons to Attend GV Cyclocross Race #2

#10-Racing around in circles with the chance of getting muddy is fun

#9-Are you going to MTB or ride on the road in 40F and rain? No, but everyone is racing cross.

#8-You’re friends are racing.

#7-Our pre-registered athletes are the highest we have ever seen

#6-Rumor has it members of US Pro Cycling Challenge are in town and might stop by to see our cycling scene.

#5-The only racing in the state is in Grand Junction and CO Springs. ┬áLet’s show the world our growing cycling scene.

#4-You are likely to get dirty and feel like a kid again

#3-It’s a great reason to stay in shape and ride a bike when the weather is dismal and motivation to ride alone is Low.

#2-Cyclocross is FUN

#1-Seeing pictures of your friends having a good time at the event, while you were at home on the couch is no fun.


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