Winter Bike Commuting Tips

It may be cold and dark on your daily drive to work, but you can make it more enjoyable by riding your bike into work. Everyone knows bicycle commuting save gas money and reduces the your carbon footprint, but that is not why many people do it. I love to ride into work in the morning, and spin home in the evening. Why do I ride in? Sure I like riding bikes, but that is not why I ride in. An early morning 15-20 minute ride before breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and burns calories. Just make sure to eat when you get into work. Along with burning calories, your body releases endorphins which makes you feel good and energetic. I use my daily commute this time of year to burn a few extra winter calories and relax. There is nothing better than pedaling home and releasing some stress from the day.

Here are a few tips that can help you commuting into work this winter.
-Watch for weather, and street conditions. Nothing ruins a ride faster than falling on snow and ice.
-Ride mountain bike or cyclocross tires when there is snow or ice in areas. It will help with traction and keep you upright

Knobby tires, rear light and single speed for the winter

-Use fenders for sloppy days to keep your rear dry and warm
-Make sure you have lights on. Winter can be dark and gloomy. I use a bright headlamp along with a rear red blinky light on my bike and one on my backpack
-Stay warm, but not overheat. I love the winter as you can ride into work without sweating. Throw a jacket over your clothes and unzip if you start getting too warm

-Early mornings can be cold on the face and head. I have two options 1.) Lazer bike helmet with aero shell to keep the wind and elements out. I wear a hat underneath to keep the ears warm 2.) Ski helmet with fleece ear pads. Just make sure you have a helmet on in case of ice, cars, or potholes that catch you off guard.
-Wear glasses. The brisk air freezes my eyes, makes them water, and then makes eye-cicles. I wear the photochromatic lenses from Oakley that transition from light to dark based on UV rays.

There you have it. Save some coin, burn some calories, start you day feeling better, and release the stress spinning home.

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