Gunny Enduro-This Weekend!

Time is flying with this beautiful Spring weather, and it is almost time for the Gunny Enduro. This Saturday, May 12, 2012, join us at the Little Park Trailhead for some fun enduro style racing with all your friends and riding mates. Come see who has the best combination of skills with a little fitness. This point to point individual time trial down the Gunny Loop had just over 200ft of climbing with over 700ft of fun descending. Perfect for the weekend warrior or everyday trail rider. Even better is it benefits the purchase of the Three Sisters Project!

Pre-registration is available at LTR Sports for $25 until Friday at 7pm or on site for $35 starting at 7:30am. Race begins at 9am with first come, first to go…but please file in based on ability. For more information check the Events tab at LTR

NOTE: In true Enduro format, participants need to ride back to the start via Little Park Rd, or continue on with a trail ride once crossing the finish line. To preserve trails and not make an impact, we are asking all riders to continue moving once past the finish as to not trample the vegetation off the trail. Also, do not stand on Little Park Rd once finished. There will be no parking or standing allowed as it is a huge safety factor-we all know how fast cars come around those corners. We want to be able to come back and put on an even bigger and better Enduro event in the future, so let’s follow the BLM and County Rules. Thanks!

One thought on “Gunny Enduro-This Weekend!

  1. Dr. Randy Roman

    To the folks at LTR,
    Job well done!!! My entire experience from registration to the line up and finish was a not only complete blast it has inspired
    me to race another one soon. Thank you for your commitment to excellence proud to participate and see you on the trail soon.
    Dr. Randy Roman


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