Eliminating Flat Tires

‘Tis this season of goatheads. On my ride yesterday, I picked up 8 goatheads, in two different locations on my route. Thankfully I was running Stan’s No Tubes Sealant in my tires, so I never lost air. Whether you ride road or mountain bikes, we can help eliminate your goathead and flat tire syndrome.

Option #1: Tubeless. Road or mountain, we can convert your tires to a tubeless setup where tubes are replaced by sealant. You get a better ride quality and prevention from punctures up to 1/4″.
Option #2-Tire choice: Riding on the road, we can get you into a tire with a sturdy kevlar strip that helps eliminate the protrusion of goatheads and thorns. Our favorite is the Maxxis-Re-Fuse road tire.
Option #3-Sealant in your Tube: We can install tubes with sealant in your tubes to eliminate flats. Slime tubes are a popular choice with people cruising around town. We can also inject Stan’s sealant into any of our tubes to protect you rom fixing yet another flat tire.

Drop by LTR Sports soon and let us eliminate those pesky flat tires!

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