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Just In: Rocky Mountain Soul 29

Wow, this is a bike we are really excited to get under the legs of our customers.  The Rocky Mountain Soul 29 has just entered our doors in sizes from small 15.5′s to extra-large 20′s.  

What do you get with a Soul.  2012 cycling technology for an incredible value.  Start with an aluminum frame matched to the now industry standard 29″ wheels.  Kenda Small block 8′s come stock on every bike-the most popular tire in the valley.  Throw in a Shimano drivetrain with a smooth Deore rear derailleur and you’ll be shifting effortlessly all day.  To top the bike off, it comes with some powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes to keep you in control on the trail.

You can get all of this for just $799!  Yes, a full 29er hardtail with hydraulic disc brakes, trail ready.  An incredible value for any type of rider, new or a veteran to the sport.  This is a bike that can provide a lifetime of good trail memories!

Closed for the Holidays

The snow is falling just in time for the 2011 Holiday Season.  We hope everyone has a great time with family, friends, and gets outside!  We will be closed from Saturday, December 24-Tuesday January 3rd.

Check back for pictures and video of some people we know who might be getting in some early season miles and grabbing some Holiday fitness points!

January 10-New Year, New You: Training Seminar

As we wrap up 2011 with another great cycling event in the Grand Valley, we are planning on a HUGE 2012 for Grand Valley Cycling.  We are currently working on a 2012 LTR Cycling Series that will have races and events from March to December.  With the growth and excitement we have seen from our events, we are here to fill the gap for people looking to succeed and reach their cycling goals in 2012.

There has been a lot of excitement for our events and we have seen large numbers of new competitors.  With this comes more questions, and a need for direction and guidance.  We just hosted a seminar for Juniors who are looking for guidance on training and how to become a better rider.  To fill the gap and answer the needs of the athletes, we have created a seminar for everyone!

Join us January 10th at 6pm for a seminar and open discussion on how to achieve your goals in 2012.  Whether you are looking to beat your Monument PR, place on the podium at a race, or be able to keep up with your friends; we will have answers for you.  Topics discussed in the seminar include:

  • Setting Goals
  • Creating a training plan
  • Winter fitness
  • Certain workouts to improve your weaknesses
  • Strength & Nutrition
  • Setting zones and tools to use
  • How to create a weekly schedule
  • What workouts/exercises to do and when
  • How to prepare for an event

Building that top end fitness, suffering behind the scooter

LTR Sports Athlete and Manager, Brent Steinberg will conduct the Seminar with advice from other professionals in the Valley.  Brent is a 4th year professional mountain bike racer, competing in events all over the country.  In 2011 he placed 18th in the US National Cross Country Championships and is focusing on improving that result as well as racing the National Pro XCT Series and Midwest Triple Crown Series.  Come on down January 10th, gain some knowledge and guidance and feel free to ask any question you want!

This is just another part of growing the cycling scene in the Grand Valley.  We are interested in education and helping those cyclists who are looking to become better endurance athletes and achieve their goals in 2012.  The Seminar is FREE and no RSVP is required.  If you have any questions, give us a call at 970-257-7678 and we’ll get you on the right track.

FREE Stuff: Reason # 379 to attend GV Cyclocross Tomorrow

Who doesn’t like free stuff?  For the Grand Valley Cyclocross Championships tomorrow morning at Canyon View Park, we are giving away lots of FREE LTR gear.  The series has been fun, we’ve seen many new faces, and you are all helping us to grow the cycling scene here in the Grand Valley.  For that, we are rewarding you guys by raffling off some of our customer Voler LTR Team Clothing.  We’ll have some bib shorts, jerseys, women’s shorts, and wind jackets.  All the same top of the line gear that we wear will be raffled off to you.

Raffle will be after the A race, near awards time.  Stick around after your race and watch the A’s battle it out one last time in 2011.  With the high as 45F and sunny, there is no “I’m cold and leaving” excuse this week.  Only registered athletes will be allowed in raffle.  See you in the morning!

Grand Valley Cyclocross Championships THIS Saturday

After 4 successful cyclocross events in the 3rd Annual Grand Valley Cyclocross Series, we are closing out on a high note this weekend.  The Cyclocross Championships will be help this Saturday, December 17th @ Canyon View Park in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The 3rd race held at Canyon View Park was a huge success with an incredibly fun course rated highly by all, and included most racers and spectators of a 2012 event.  Let’s top that off and send the 2012 Series out with a BANG!

Course: The course will have some similar features, but we have some exciting surprises for all of you.  Look out for a different direction, a run-up, new sections, and more.  Whether you are on a cross bike or mountain bike, this course will suit all!

Do Not Miss this Race: You will not want to be left out by sitting at home this weekend.  Everyone will be out racing their hearts out and having a good time with friends, family and competitors.  Do not wait another 10 months for the 2012 Series to start…finish the year off right on a high note!

Haven’t Raced Yet?: What are you waiting for.  We have had increasing numbers of new racers this year.  Even better, they keep coming back week after week for more fun and fast bike racing action.  Come on down for the last race of the year and see what cyclocross is all about in the Grand Valley.  If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong!

Register Now: Register at the race, online, or at LTR Sports (2470 Patterson #3) for just $10.  Where can you have this much fun for so little?  More Race info can be found HERE.

My NEW Favorite Piece of Cold Weather Gear

The Grand Valley finally received it’s first snowfall last night into this morning.  With the right gear, riding is possible and not totally miserable.  Over my years of riding, I have dialed in my winter clothing.  This year I have added one new item to keep me warm and dry when it’s cold and wet.

Keep snow and wind out, keep heat in

The Lazer Helmet Aero Shell.  A thin molded plastic shell keeps snow, rain and that cold breeze off of your head.  The shell also provides that wind block and a nice layer to keep heat from escaping your head.  It easily snaps on and of in seconds, wipes down easily, and most importantly looks good.  They have models for many different styles of Lazer helmets and are just $17.

Stocking Stuffers and Other Gifts

Tubes & Tires-the cyclist in your family is sure to get flats and wear down the rubber on their tires throughout the year.  Keep them ahead of the game with some fresh tires and a supply of back-up tubes for the 2012 riding season. Starting at $5

Chamois Cream & Embrocation-keeping the skin of your cyclist happy will keep the whole family happy this year.  There is nothing better than the tingly warm sensations of embrocation warming gel, or the protection chamois cream provides from chaffing in sensitive areas. Starting at $15

Glacier & Pearl Izumi Gloves-nothing is worse than freezing fingers on a beautiful sunny winter day. Keep those fingers warm with state of the art Glacier winter cycling gloves and the Pearl Izumi 3-in-1 and Lobster gloves. A protection from frost bite starts at $40

Pearl Izumi Leg, Arm Warmers & Booties-have a year round cyclist in the family.  Help them keep burning those holiday calories with some warm winter cycling layers.  Pearl Izumi leg and arm warmers provide warm fleece lining to keep warm.  Add in a custom breathable LTR wind jacket to preserve your core temperature as well as booties to keep your toes from falling off. Starting at $30

Lights, Chain Lube, Waterbottles-not sure what to get the cyclist in your family.  Small items such as the essential chain lube, a water bottle or some small safety lights will keep them happy this holiday season. Starting at $5

Lazer Helmets-Say “I love you” with the safety of a new helmet.  Helmet materials break down from UV rays and impacts.  After 1 year of use, or 3 years of shelf time, they become unsafe and a false sense of security. Starting at $60

Oakley Sunglasses-from casual to active and sport glasses.  This is a gift that will be used for years to come.  Nothing says style more than Oakley performance glasses. Starting at $100


DEMO: Rocky Mountain Element 29er Full Suspension

It might be cold, but the trails are still dry.  While many are currently scoping out their next bike for the 2012 riding season, Rocky Mountain has dropped of a DEMO full suspension 29er (Size Medium) for our customers.  If you are looking for the hottest bike on the market for 2012, come ride this bike now. It is available to checkout and demo for a day at your favorite trail…for FREE!

The Element 950 is an incredibly efficient pedaling bike (World Cup Winning Suspension Design) with enormous downhill capabilities.  4″ of travel in the rear smoothes out the trail, while the knob adjustable front fork supplies 4-5″ of soft goodness.  With a price point of $3,300 and amazing industry reviews, this bike will sell out.  Come by LTR Sports and DEMO the Element today and see what 2012 bike innovation feels like.

We have a fleet of Rocky Mountain Elements arriving in January, so get a feel for the bike now and pre-order yours before they are gone.

Juniors: How to Get Fast Seminar

After some requests from Juniors seeking more information and guidance for getting faster on a bike, we’ve put together an evening dedicated to answering the questions of how to become a better rider.  If you are a Junior looking to start racing, move up in the ranks, or just beat up on your buddies, this seminar is for you!

Join us Monday night, December 12th, 2011 at 5:30pm for a run through on the basics of training.  We’ll discuss some training strategy, what different zones mean, cross-training, using helpful items such as heart rate monitors and training logs, how to keep some fitness through the winter, how to prepare for race season and much more.

If you are a Junior or know of one who is looking for a little guidance from “how often should I ride this winter” to “How do I use zones and heart rate to start training”, please attend this FREE seminar.  The 2012 riding and racing season will be here before you know it, so get your questions answered ahead of time!

Monument Conditions Update and 4 Tips

With sunny skies and dry road this morning, I headed up to the Monument to do some leg work.  3 turns in, conditions turned to snow, slush and gravel.  It is that time of year again when we have to be prepared for all types of conditions and temperatures.  There is no reason not to ride, just do it in a responsible manner and safely.

  • Ride a mountain or Cyclocross Bike (We have some starting at just $1,150). A little large tire and some tread is a great option this time of year.  You never know when snow, ice, gravel or slush will appear.  The more tread also slows you down which means less wind chill and you will stay warmer.
  • Bring Extra Gloves-you’re hands are likely to sweat on the way up, and that means freezing on the way down.  Before descending, put on dry gloves.  Warm hands mean more control of brakes and steering on the descent back to town.  Not only are warm hands more enjoyable, it is inherently safer for you and cars to safely navigate down to the valley floor. (our favorite is the Glacier Glove for only $40)
  • Peel of layers before climbing.  At the base of the climb, take off some layer, such as your outer jacket.  This will keep you from sweating.  Put the jacket back on at the top, for a dry warm layer to descend.  If you start downhill with any sweat, you are likely to get very cold which can lead to less focus on the road, corners, obstacles and can put yourself and others in danger.
  • Use a rear fender. Maybe you don’t want to look like a dork, but a rear fender will keep your body dry and warm.  There is nothing worse than hitting a puddle or melting snow section on the road that you can’t avoid.  Just a small wet spot can lead to a wet and frozen chamois.  Trust me, I have ridden a few hours home with an ice filled chamois and it is not fun at all! (Rear fenders are often universal, flexible and just $30)
Being prepared for the worst is the best plan.  Always carry spare gloves, or spare a couple bucks for instant heat packs.  A flat tire, broken chain, or other mechanical can lead to frozen extremities in no time.  Get out there and ride. Fun Fact: The colder the temperature, the more calories your body burns to keep you warm.  Winter cycling is a great way to burn those Holiday calories!